How To Become A GCA Church

  1. The applying church must have at least 20 adult members
  2. The church must be spiritually mature and financially capable to handle being autonomous
  3. The church does not need to apply for a 501(c)(3), because as an Assembly of God church you are already included in the General Council Group 501(c)(3)
  4. The Church should be Incorporated and have a Federal EIN
  5. Contact the Superintendent (via the online form below) and request officially to take the steps towards GCA status
  6. The church must develop Bylaws - Check with the Superintendent for examples
  7. Send the Superintendent and the Regional Presbyter a copy of the proposed Bylaws for preliminary approval - They will make sure that the necessary items are covered in the Bylaws
  8. The Superintendent may want to have personal interview with the church Pastor after reviewing proposed Bylaws
  9. After the Superintendent is satisfied that the document meets all requirements, and that the church is ready for GCA status, he will present the GCA request and the proposed Bylaws to the Presbytery for approval
  10. The Superintendent will schedule a date and time to set the church in order

Complete the form below if after reading the above steps you feel that your church is ready to start the process to become a GCA church.

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